Since our founding in 2005, we have made it our mission to unite people, organizations and businesses through what we create. We separate ourselves with our unwavering commitment to our craft and the relationships we build with our customers. We believe we are small enough to know you and large enough to service you. 


Our future will be defined by our ability to continue to offer the best screen printed and embroidered products possible, at a competitive pricing, while promising to maintain the same local feel we have built our success upon, as we aim to become the premier screen print shop in the country. 

Core Values:

1)     The customer experience and their satisfaction is our first priority

It is all about going above and beyond the usual for our customers. Without them, we would not be in business: plain and simple. We understand that the customer has many places to choose from for sourcing custom branded apparel and, it is with that in mind, that we feel going above and beyond to help make the customers purchasing experience easy and enjoyable is a must. 

2) Making a difference in the community

We believe  that t-shirts help unite communities and because of that belief, so do we. In life and in business, it is each of our responsibilities to give back and engage in our communities. At American Icon, we find and foster talent in our communities and consequently donate shirts to the organizations that request it through our Shirt by Shirt program where we donate 2500 shirts annually. 

3) We work together and support each other

We count on each other to achieve a common goal: to become the premier print shop in the country! That involves constant communication, teamwork, cooperation and innovation. We care about each other as teammates and human beings. We care about our clients and vendors as people and businesses. 

4) Full Transparency with and for the customer

In a craft manufacturing business made by people for people, we strive to educate the customer and work with them hand and hand throughout the process in order to ensure what they are envisioning is brought to life. It is our goal to continuously perfect the customer purchasing experience. 

5)  A Passion for our work

We are a creative business. Our people are creative and care about their work. It is about more than just printing T-Shirts. 

6) Quality with an attention to detail 

Ours is a detail oriented business with each shirt being touched by so many hands throughout the process. Our people are well organized, meticulous and understand all the intricacies of the business. We work towards perfection and have an eye for every detail. 

7) Always Creative 

We are always looking to exercise our creative thinking. Whether it be with unique artwork, a different approach to creating a print, a marketing approach or managing a  particular situation. We are resourceful and creative with each different circumstance.. 

8) Having Fun

And we keep it light; we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we have fun while doing our business. 



"The print quality had to be what we would wear ourselves, or it wasn’t good enough.” 

It was this statement that founded the business plan of American Icon. When we began, we wanted our standard of quality to set us apart from the rest.  It was in the corner of an industrial building in Newburgh, NY where we set the groundwork, and cut our teeth in the process, to get our idea to take flight.  Our focus was on quality.

Over the years, due to our great customers and excellent staff, we have grown in size.  More customers, means more output. We have since expanded and moved beyond what can be produced manually.  Yet, we continue to uphold our initial vision.  With increased output, we maintain our standards while making sure we met deadlines. In screen printing, it is easy to let either slip.  But for us, this isn’t an option.  As we added the capability of automated printing presses, we have not wavered from our dedication to quality and commitment and upheld our standards.  To this day, we still operate manual screen printing presses along with larger automated machines. For each client, we make sure we use the right tool for the job at hand.

Today, the outstanding staff of American Icon continues to carry on the founding principals that laid the groundwork for who we are and will continue to be. 

Quality  •  Service • a commitment to our craft


Take a behind-the-scenes look at the craft of screen printing with Jon Contino (ADC Young Guns 9 winner) and the crew at American Icon Screen Printing. American Icon is the official apparel partner of the Art Directors Club. Music provided by The Racer from their debut album "Passengers". http://www.theracermusic.com


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